Skincare Trends in Men’s Beauty

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More and more men nowadays are becoming conscious of the importance of skincare. They are not afraid to say that they use a certain combination of products to look as attractive as they possibly can, and beauty trends have a major role in that. Many brands and companies are fighting to win new customers, and the quality of their products is equally important as advertising. Here are some hottest skincare trends in men’s beauty.

Male Grooming On Fleek male grooming

Male grooming has moved from the barber’s chair directly into hair and beauty salons. Modern men are now seeking for more than just an ordinary haircut – manicures and facials are highly requested services. The media have a major role in influencing standards of beauty, especially because many movie and pop stars are advertising skincare products. Particularly young men are influenced by these advertisements which emphasize their imperfections and insecurities. These are pressuring them to get products which guarantee them success in the future life and boosted self-confidence.
Moving Towards Non-Invasive Skin Treatments

men botox

Aggressive facial treatments are pretty much outdated – these often result in monstrous or ridiculous look. Many male celebrities didn’t manage to grow old gracefully, and their transformation included either injecting an outrageous amount of Botox or relying on plastic surgery. Men generally tend to look for treatments that don’t require going under the knife, simply because they want a clean and short process of recovery. This is exactly why they choose products based on Argireline or Trylagen – components that are very similar to Botox, but without the risks associated with it. These lift the skin, while moisturizing it and smoothing out wrinkles.
Alcohol & Fragrance-Free Face/Body Wash

men body wash

A traditional soap bar seems to be old-fashioned when it comes to modern man’s skincare. It is well known that alcohol dries out skin. The same is true for a wide range of fragrances that are added to a large number of beauty products. This is exactly why these two elements are excluded from the convenient face and body wash gels. Urban men know that a good moisturiser is very important, and they are not afraid to admit that. Clean products with simple formula are essential, which is why their popularity is growing nowadays.
Facial Peels

facial peel

Shaving causes irritation and acne outbreaks, which are indeed major problems for men who are trying to take care of their skin. It is very difficult to keep everything under control, especially because of the fact that men have oilier skin than women. This is the primary reason for relying on facial peels, either deep or superficial. Deeper ones include only one treatment and very long and painful recovery. On the other hand, superficial peels require several treatments which are not very aggressive, and therefore are the best option for men.

Cosmetic Surgery

men plastic surgery

Many men nowadays turn to cosmetic surgery, especially when it comes to issues such as freckles or small scars. Laser treatment for freckles is considered to be the most effective solution for this problem. This procedure includes heating up the pigment that is found within the freckles and breaking it up into small particles. Later on, it’s removed from the skin as the natural process of exfoliation. Chemical peel is also popular among men. It is very useful in treating wrinkles and scars. That process makes skin look much smoother and younger, since it removes its damaged top layer.


As you can see, there are many beauty trends that are emerging in the field of men’s skincare, which were unbelievable just a few decades ago. Men are more self-conscious nowadays, and they are taking care of their health and body more than ever. If you are one of them, the choice is up to you – possibilities are really limitless.

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