One Thing Every Sucessful Person Has In Common

As I am starting my journey to turning my life around and going from accepting what life hands me to working harder toward my ultimate purpose and goals, I have learned a lot and still. I have learned from brilliant scholars, successful entrepreneurs, and great authors.Now what have I learned ?



One Thing Every Sucessful Person Has In Common


A sense of emergency

I never considered myself as being lazy but I do realize that for the past 10 years I have become someone my old self wouldn’t recognize.  Until now I thought it was normal to review my expectations and downsize to something more attainable. We all have our dreams and expectations that for many of us change along the way. They become more realistic, more practical more attainable some will say like buying a house, buying a new car, traveling more.


That is just an excuse. We have grown complacent about our future, our dreams and our careers.  We have little to no desire to compete. We keep putting up things, telling ourselves that someday we will get to it.  The whole idea of someday is a lie! What guaranty do you have that someday you will still be there? What about today?What about now? Are you willing to waste the time you have now for an uncertain future?

Today is the day ! Remember the clock is ticking down and the time lost will never be regained. There is nothing worst than thinking one day “I wish I had more time, I wish i knew”.

If you already feel like you didn’t do all the things you wanted to, that you have given up on your dreams, do not panic and start working on it now. Start working on your dreams now, do not ever put up plans. Get your brain under control as the power of thought is one of rare things you have completely under your control. Get that sense of emergency and apply it to your life, learn to live everyday as if the future is not promised.


The vision will never be enough but it is a good start. Follow along as I find, try and tweak the best tips and tricks to improving your life, productivity and to attaining your goals. We will learn to determine goals, find and increase motivation and more. If you can think of any good ones, feel free to leave a comment.


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