Makeup Secrets We Learnt From Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist

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You know that girl, kinda short, dark-ish, famous for her large derriere, Armenian origin, has that show… what’s it called… Keeping Up… something something? Nope, not an actress but something of sort.  A singer? Nah, not that either. A human-rights advocate? Wow, no. A makeup artist, maybe? Nope, not really, but her existence does involve makeup, and a lot of it. Well of course you know her, who doesn’t!

The girl’s been building up her career for years now!  Apparently she’s pieces of virtually every career pieced together – Kim Kardashian’s an entrepreneur, internet person, a business woman, boutique owner, clothing and makeup designer, mother (to North and Saint), sister (to fabulous Kourtney and Khloe), wife (to the almighty Kanye West) and – of course – the title that brought all the others on – a reality star.

Whoever’s been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows that there are plenty of things to say about our little Kimmie. However, this time around we simply have to single out a particular topic to focus on, as recently, there’s been so much fuss about it that even a seminar’s been organized.

kim kardashian makeup

Yes, we are talking about Kim Kardashian makeup style.

Kim’s signature makeup look wouldn’t probably be as fascinating as it is today if it weren’t for her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. The pair starting working together eight years ago and they’ve together come up with a look that will prove to be the most copied and gushed over, ever!

“At the time, I didn’t know the names for it. I simply didn’t have them in my vocabulary. I was familiar with the technique, though” – said Dedivanovic in one of his interviews when reflecting on the beginning of fashioning the now-famous Kim-contouring technique.

These days we’ve all done our proper (and extended) research on what contouring consists of and some of us have even tried; it’s an amazing technique that has the power to transform your face entirely. Owing to it, Kim’s managed to make her face and nose look slimmer, although she’s been accused on multiple occasions by the not-so-trusting public that’s undergone several rhinoplasty procedures and that contouring’s got nothing to do with it. We’ll never know…

kim kardashian mario dedivanovic

Dedivanovic was kind enough to share some of the advice on the makeup routine, and it’s up to you to decide whether they are at all helpful. Here’s what he had to say…

Primers aren’t necessary and the face, neck and chest are better prepared with an emollient moisturiser. This stops your makeup looking cakey when you apply powder. Also applying of foundation under your eyes shouldn’t be a thing as all the ‘fall out’ from the eyeshadow gets stuck to it and it’s hard to remove it. To help combat it, Mario applies foundation everywhere except under the eyes. That way, “once you’ve applied your eyeshadow you can easily clean any fall out with a makeup wipe. Once your eyeshadow is done, go back and finish your foundation and concealer”. Dedivanovic insists the best way to get a natural look for the eyebrows is to use two shades – a lighter eyebrow pencil in the inner corners and a darker eyebrow pencil for the outer corners. Mario loves to layer eyeliner, so he layers and layers and layers and lay… pfht! Mario “starts by smudging a dark brown pencil eyeliner, then he adds a black pencil before finishing with liquid”. If you are up for it – try it! Mario insists that if you contour your nose, “make sure you use a color that is lighter than the contour colour you used on the rest of your face.” Oh, right – Mario insists blending is key to getting the look put together so… blend, blend, blend!

So, eager to try it?

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