How a Winter Time Change Can Help You Gain 2 Hours of Productivity Per Day

Sunday, November 1st 2015 was the longest day of the year in our house and I still feel jetlagged. For those of you who don’t know in Canada, on that day, at 2:00:00 AM clocks were turned backward 1 hour which meant for the lucky ones they got to sleep an hour more.


Well, that wasn’t my case; not only because I was unable to sleep until 2 am (technically 1 am) but also because my son woke up at 5:30 an hour earlier than usual. By the end of the day (I thought it would never end) I understood that it only meant one hour more of struggling and running after my very active little one. For some reason he started being very cranky around 6 pm and so was I. I did not comprehend what was happening and was too tired to even try  figuring out.

We finally managed to put him to bed before 7:30 pm (instead of the usual 08:30 pm) and as soon as he got in he immediately fell asleep. Only then  I realized what was the problem, why the crankiness and hyperactivity.

His body didn’t care about the time change it is still functioning as if the clock never changed. And honestly mine didn’t either I was completely spent so I went to bed too at 7:20 pm can you believe it?

Now if you follow me on twitter you know I am always looking for productivity hacks and tips so here is my own on How a Winter Time Change Can Help You Gain 2 Hours of Productivity Per Day



Gain an extra hour in the morning

Your kid (s) and yourself will most likely wake up an hour earlier than you use too so take advantage of that time to establish and maintain a morning routine. A productive morning routine for you can be exercising doing yoga reading or planning your day and getting the important things done early on. If you have kids you can even include them in your workout or reading when you don’t have to leave the house. They might find it fun and that gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time together.


Avoid multitasking

I have given up the idea of being productive between 5 pm (when I pick my son’s up from daycare and his bedtime. No matter how hard I tried it just didn’t happen.  Knowing that, I do house chores and try to spend as much time as I can with him playing learning and trying not to shout at him when he starts acting out.


Gain an extra hour at night

Your kid (s) will most likely go to bed an hour earlier than usual. Use that extra hour to get things done. Projects you are working on, emails you have to answer to, anything that needs your full attention and you didn’t complete during the day. Or you could just read a book, maybe go to bed early if you feel like it.

Now your turn

Do you have others tricks on how to deal with time changes as a parent? Feel free to share.

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