Christmas Gift Ideas Your Tech-savvy Kids Will Love

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The era of technological developments and expansion of the Internet brings significant changes into every family’s life.

Today’s children are thirsty for the innovations that technology brings, which makes us wonder whether these are really that important, or we are just too old to understand that. No matter what, we have to agree that those improvements are our future. It seems that children realise that better than we are, so if you are not sure what to get your kids for Christmas – don’t worry. Here is a list of five high-tech items your kids will love.


Smart Watch

smart watches

It is widely known that wearable technology is becoming more and more popular among the younger generations. A smart watch is particularly appropriate for 5 to 12-year-olds, because it includes educational games beside all the other features. Some of them are: a camera, a video recorder and a voice recorder with funny effects for playback. Your kids will have a possibility to download all the photos and videos thanks to a USB port. Also, there are different watch faces for the touch screen that your children can choose for their new favourite accessory.


T-Rex Robotic Dinosaur

t rex robotic dinosaur

Getting a T-Rex robot for your kids is a fantastic solution if they are interested in both technology and extinct species such as dinosaurs. This friendly robotic dinosaur is designed to respond to kids’ touch and voice. It can walk, sing, dance, growl and even bite. Four AA batteries will be just enough to bring it to life – its eyes will light up in different colours, depending on its feelings. Your kids can control the robot by waving in front of its face, or with an app for Android or iOS.


Tablet For Kids

tablet for kids

Choosing an appropriate tablet for children, especially younger ones, can seem like an impossible mission. A lot of things had to be taken into consideration, starting with its durability, since kids can often be harsh during playtime. Besides that, it has to have a wide selection of educational and entertaining apps. A tablet aimed at 3 to 7-years-old should have a slightly bigger touch screen and a stylus which will help your kids practise writing. Also, a built-in camera is a highly required feature when it comes to this gadget.


Video Games

video games

It is always a good idea to surprise your kids by purchasing their favourite video game – just have in mind that it’s appropriate to their age. Also, it is very important that it is both educational and entertaining. There are so many online games nowadays which are free of charge – one of them is engaging Poptropica Big Nate. Paying for an exclusive membership will make your kids more than happy, especially because it includes many cool features. Member-exclusive islands, unlimited costumes and special powers are just some of them. You can be sure that your kids will love this Christmas gift!



If your teenagers are into Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or One Direction, and you are not sharing their taste in music – headphones are a perfect present for keeping their favourite songs away from your ears. Choose the ones with sturdy frames that are designed to stand the pressure of everyday listening to music. Also, you can opt for the headphones that come with a built-in control which will allow you to adjust the volume to the appropriate level that won’t be harmful to your kids’ hearing.
It can be said that tech-savvy children understand the importance of the technological developments better than older generations do. They are constantly searching for innovations, and it may seem that it is hard to keep up with their needs. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Just pay attention to your kids’ personal interests and you will make no mistake. Good luck!

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